Prices & Billing

Every Project is Unique

Similar to building a home, before providing an estimate, the builder wants to know more about what finishes you want in your home, how big will the house be and which special features you require. The more details we can get about your project, the more accurate the estimate will be. After learning more, we can determine the time and costs for your project and provide you with a not-to-exceed estimate. (Our minimum project rate is $3,000.)

The estimate is not to be exceeded as long as the project stays within the scope of what is outlined in the estimate. If the project grows beyond the original scope, we will always contact you for prior approval before moving forward.

Not-to-exceed Estimates

After the initial consultation, you will receive an estimate with project details, projected timelines, and payment information. This estimate needs to be signed and returned as a service contract with your 1/3 down payment to begin your project.

Billing & Payments

 -    1/3 down payment with the signed estimate to initiate your project
 -    1/3 payment after approval of proofs and before starting development phase
 -    Final 1/3 payment due prior to uploading and delivery and training

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*All payments are due upon receipt and required before the next step begins.
** These terms apply to full website projects. Terms may be different for theme installations or set-ups or smaller projects.

Non-Profit Website Discounts

If you are a non-profit or religious organization, you may be eligible for a discounted rate. Please contact us to find out more.